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SMEs and Intervention

Many businesses in the fisheries sector are small to medium sized enterprises (SME) and can benefit from improved efficiency, reduced costs, value-addition and better market access.

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Improving quality fish ice cold chain hygiene handling

We assist businesses to make more from less through advisory support, capacity building, product development and improved business management. Examples of initiatives include:

  • Capacity building in value-addition and improved handling and quality for private sector (EU, Africa, Asia)
  • Capacity building for privates sector in business management (ACP Fish II, Malawi)
  • Product development, value addition and business management support for SME (UN FAO, Indonesia)
  • Planning and capacity building support for improved fish handling, processing and value-addition initiatives ( DFID/DANIDA, Cambodia).
  • Development of value-added products from tuna for private sector and capacity building for Ministry of Fisheries (UN FAO, Maldives)
  • Support for improved technology for processing to private sector (EU/VSO, Uganda)
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