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Project Management

Most development support initiatives are delivered through projects

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We have helped design and manage a number of projects for different clients. Examples include:

  • Project planning and design of capacity building initiatives for Agrotec, Italy (EU/IOC SmartFish, Mauritius)
  • Advisory support to an Africa regional food security project (UN FAO)
  • Project preparation and planning for CARDNO Agrisystems. NRInterntional and DD International, UK
  • Project planning, technical advice and strategy to the UN FAO Somalia office, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • In conjunction with Poseidon  UK designed and implemented project to develop food safety and hygiene regulations for Government of Vietnam (DANIDA)
  • Planning, design, coordination and implementation of study to investigate market access issues associated with small-scale fisheries and ecolabelling (Marine Stewardship Council)
  • Project design and management of the post-harvest component of a  fisheries post-tsunami capacity building project funded by the American Red Cross and implemented by FAO, working with public, private and civil society fisheries stakeholders in Aceh province. Key activities focussed on enhancing post-harvest fisheries through policy and planning, technical and marketing support (UN FAO/American Red Cross, Indonesia).      
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