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Training of public and private sector stakeholders is a fundamental aspect of fisheries development work and improving people’s knowledge, skills and understanding.

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As well conducting training needs assessments (TNA) we have experience in providing tailor made training courses and workshops in all aspects of fisheries development work from “training of trainers” to food safety and fisheries management. Our training initiatives can be designed to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders from fishermen to policy makers. As well as training we also produce manuals and guides to support on-the-job learning.

Examples of recent initiatives include:

  • Design and delivery of  regional capacity building workshops for fishery inspectors ( EU/IOC SmartFish, IRFS Program)
  • Training needs assessments (TNA) and the design and delivery of 7 training of trainers workshops in improved fish handling (EU/IOC SmartFish, IRFS Program, East and Southern Africa) 
  • Training of public sector stakeholders in food safety, fish quality, market management and cold chain best practices (US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) / IOS Partners, USA, Morocco)
  • Training needs assessment (TNA), development of a sustainable fisheries management and business skills handbook as well as delivery of a capacity building workshop to strengthen fisheries associations’ governance, co-management capacity and promote entrepreneurial skills. (Team Leader/Key Expert - Inland Fisheries, EU ACP Fish II Programme, Malawi)
  • In collaboration with the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO), preparation and implementation of a training needs assessment and delivery of a training of trainers workshop on improved fish handling, hygiene, sanitation and business skills for fisheries managers (EU ACP Fish II Programme, East Africa).
  • Capacity building workshop for public sector fisheries managers in fisheries management planning and the development of co-management plans for key Rift Valley lake fisheries (EU ACP Fish II Programme, Ethiopia).
  • Design and delivery of capacity building initiatives to strengthen technical, planning and research skills of public and private sector fisheries stakeholders(UN FAO, Indonesia)
  • Working with national counterparts from public and private sectors, developed a participatory training process suited to artisanal fishermen, processors and traders. Development of a manual designed to improve the returns from regional and international fish trade.  Facilitated 24 capacity building workshops for community and government staff (EU Strengthening Fishery Products Health Conditions in ACP/OCT Countries, West Africa)
  • Provided capacity building in the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Planning and delivery of regional (Africa) capacity building and research workshops (UN FAO, Africa).
  • Design and delivery of workshops on international standards and regulations (WTO, EU, Codex), codes of practice (CCRF, GAP) and trade and production of a manual on international standards for fish trade (EU Cambodia).
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